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​CATHAY OCEAN CAN ADVISE ON Choosing the right mode of transport ​for your cargo . . .


The type of transport your business uses will depend on a number of factors:
               The products you sell 
               Supplier production lead times
               Product availability
               Source of supply
               Customs and Excise rules
               Volume of shipment
You can use one method for all your transportation needs, or a combination, using an intermodal system. Here are the main types, and their advantages and disadvantages:

1.      OCEAN Transportation
Most OCEAN transportation is conducted in containers, which vary in size,
including 20-foot, 40-foot, 40-foot high cube, 45-High Cube, and the jumbo
53-footERS used in intermodal transport, plus specialty containers of
sorts and kinds to suit special cargo REQUIREMENTS.
     Advantages of the ocean Transportation:
               The cheapest means of long distance transport
               Ideal for transporting heavy and bulky goods
               Suitable for products with long lead times
     Disadvantages of the Sea Transportation:
               Longer lead/delivery times
               Bad weather
               Port congestion duty/taxes/DELAYS
2.      Trucking/road tRansportation

A very popular mode of transport used by suppliers and businesses to deliver orders.
Goods can be packed/grouped in box vans or in containers which are also used for sea transportation. road transport is normally used to move goods from the warehouse
​to the port or terminal, and then from the port or terminal to final destination.

     Advantages of the Road Transportation:
 Cost effective
               Fast delivery
               Ideal for short distances, but possible for long distances
               Easy to monitor location of goods

     Disadvantages of the Road Transportation:
               Transport subject to traffic delays
               Goods susceptible to damage through careless driving
               Bad weather
               Driving regulations can cause delays​

Rail Transportation

Businesses use rail transportation for the delivery of a wide range
of goods ​including coal, steel and other heavy goods.

     Advantages of the Rail Transportation:
               Longer lead/delivery times
               Cost effective
               Safe mode of transport
     Disadvantages of the Rail Transportation:
               Suppliers/customers are not always located near
               a rail freight depot
               delivery to/from the depot can be costly and time consuming.

4.      Air Transportation    
This mode of transport is useful to deliver products with short lead times, fragile goods
and products that are not bulky. The bulk/value ratio will be a determining factor.
      Advantages of the Air Transportation: 
               Fast delivery
               Customer is not kept waiting for order fulfillment
               Reduced lead time on supplier
               Improved service levels
     Disadvantages of the Air Transportation:
               Flight delays and/or cancellations
               Customs and Excise restrictions

​5.      Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation (also known as combined transportation OR INTERMODAL)
is transportation of goods under a single contract, but performed using at least two
different means of transport (sea, Air,  rail, road) using a various transport
infrastructure, terminals, warehouses, ports, airports). Intermodal shipments involve only one company/carrier ​that is responsible for the organization of ALL transportation from the beginning up to ​the final delivery of the cargo.

     Advantages of the multimodal transportation:
               Minimizes time loss at trans-shipment points
               Provides faster transit of goods
               Reduces burden of documentation and formalities
               Saves cost
               Establishes only one agency to deal with
               Reduces cost of IMPORTS/exports
     Disadvantages of the multimodal transportation:
               There are risks associated with overloads with heavy cargos.


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